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    1. Registration fees:

    OTN_Cricket – R 440 (8 players)
    OTN_Netball – R 280 (7 players)
    OTN_Hockey – R 280 (5 players, 2 subs)
    OTN_Soccer – R 240 (4 players, 2 subs)

    2. Game fees per player:

    OTN_Cricket – R 55 (R 440 Game ) (40min per Side)
    OTN_Netball – R 35 (R 245 Game ) (17min per Side)
    OTN_Hockey – R 35 (R 175 Game ) (20min per Side)
    OTN_Soccer – R 35 (R 175 Game ) (20min per Side)

    3. Team withdrawal from league will carry a penalty of R 2000.
    4. Game forfeits need to be confirmed 48 hours in advance to avoid a double game fee penalty. No shows or forfeits will carry a penalty equivalent to the full game fee (yours and opposition). Cricket – R880, Hockey – R350, Netball – R490, Soccer – R350.
    5. Banking Details:

    Account holder name: Off The Net Sports (PTY) LTD
    FNB Cheque Account no: 62473008326
    Branch code: 254605 (Sandton City)
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    I hereby acknowledge, agree and confirm that participating and/or competing at Off The Net Indoor Sports involves inherent risks and dangers of accidents, personal and bodily injury. I, as well as my team, fully understand and have considered and evaluated the nature, scope and extent of the risks involved, and voluntarily and freely choose to assume these risks. I also irrevocably accept responsibility for all outstanding amounts owed to Off The Net Indoor Sports and hereby waive all my rights in terms of common law and undertake to pay any outstanding amounts on demand.
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