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Indoor Soccer


Indoor Soccer is a variant of traditional soccer, designed to play indoors. It is fast, fun, and most definitely not for the faint of heart. Get ready to run.

 DURATION:  30 min
 PLAYERS:  2 teams, 5 players per side (4 on field, 1 goalkeeper)
 BRING:  Equipment is provided
 PRICE:  R40 per player per game


  1. With kick off, the ball is kicked backwards from the centre circle, after which opposition players may try to gain possession of the ball
  2. The ball is “live” at all times, off all nets
  3. A goal is scored when the whole ball has passed over the goal line
  4. A goal cannot be scored directly off a net)
  5. Off the Net Services Icons SoccerAfter 15 minutes, teams change sides


View the complete rulebook here.
Offthenetsports Rules Book


Results coming soon..........


Results coming soon..........